Bonus: Star Citizen Discussion

Bonus Content: A discussion about Star Citizen that took place during what should have been the Archon Ultra discussion.

Episode 3: Archon Ultra

Today we play the 2-player classic "Archon Ultra", which we had last played almost two decades ago.

This episode was delayed for some time due to technical difficulties making the editing process very cumbersome.

Doesn't matter. Come in and kick ass!

Zockcast at the Chaos Communications Camp 2015

This year, Zockcast had a little display/installation at the Chaos Communications Camp. Our setup consisted of two PCs forming a mini-LAN station, on which interested attendands could play  Warcraft: Orcs and Humans in network mode.

Quite a few visitors had fun with this RTS-classic and it (surprisingly) proved to be especially popular with the kids.

Episode 2: Stunts

In our second episode wie play the racing-sim classic "Stunts" with four players. In doing so, we don't let ourselves be disturbed by the fact that this game does actually not have a multiplayer mode.

Episode 1: Tankwars

This is the first episode of the soon-to-be-legendary Zockcast. We're playing the genre classic "Tankwars" with four people in front of a single computer.